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What if I told you children from broken homes become the most successful adults? This is hard to believe because social media portrays perfect people who prosper. However, this book proves that imperfect people triumph over tragedy. 

In Free From Silence: 12 Success Stories of Overcoming Secrets, Sadness, and Shame, the authors take you on a journey to show that you are not alone in your sufferings. The problem is we live in the insta-world where everyone is seemingly perfect. This causes those with problems to suffer in silence to avoid embarrassment.The authors break their silence on going through abuse, addiction, death, debt, depression, divorce, dysfunction, dyslexia, incarceration and sickness. The authors give you a transparent view of the causes and effects of their past problems and how they bounced back to become successful.

In Free From Silence: 12 Success Stories of Overcoming Secrets, Sadness, and Shame, the book is comprised of 12 non-fiction transformational stories that will give the youth preventive measures, solutions for women struggles, and principals for personal development and growth. If you are afraid to ask, “How do I go on?” or “How will I make it through the storm”, then this book is for you.

This book will give you the tips and tools used by the authors who are successful Doctoral students, Doctors, Educators, Life Coaches, Ministers and Professionals. The authors are revealing their secrets, sadness and shame, so that you can succeed and be Free From Silence.

About The Author

Ayanna Mills Gallow overcame silence from childhood trauma and found her voice becoming a best-selling author.  It is her goal to help people avoid living in shame so that they will not suffer in silence.  She believes that transparency is the key to eliminate guilt and shame because it fosters peace and freedom.

Free From Silence was inspired by the visionary author’s best-selling devotional, God & Hip Hop, a 21 day biblical devotional inspired by Hip Hip. The visionary author received several testimonials about how God & Hip Hop helped others as a result of her personal transformation. Therefore, she compiled a novel based off 12 transformational stories to to help even more people. 

Ayanna can be found at and at

The dynamic Co-Authors of this book are: Amika Reynolds, M.D., Dr. Adrienne Michelle Horn, Brian E. Lewis, Pastor Cassandra Brown, Chanel Rose Budd, Cylia Williams-Staton, D. Arlando Fortune, Dr. Janell Jones, Kisha L. Clarke, Larsche Reaves, and Sharita Davis.

Foreword by: Kevin T. Robertson (KTR)


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