Ayanna Mills Gallow, M.B.A, is a Literary Strategist that Maximizes Success.  Demonstratively known as a production leader and strategic marketer in the corporate world, she now has the same reputation in the publishing industry as she applies key principals to have an unmatched proven track record.

Ayanna is also an Evangelist and a #1Best Selling Author of Non-fiction Transformational books.  As a first year author, she wrote and compiled 10 bestselling books in 10 months. Ayanna’s books are not just bestselling in the United States, where she lives, but also in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and India.  Recently, Ayanna’s break out novel, God & Hip Hop: 21 Day Biblical Devotional Inspired by Hip Hop, landed on the charts in Italy and Brazil. 

Ayanna is the CEO of Thanx-A-Mills, LLC. Ayanna uses her strong literary skills as a facilitator at Authors Millionaire Mindset where she teaches students to achieve immediate results.

She is the Vice President of Operations for Innervision Magazine. She also enjoys contributing to the magazine by writing Non-fiction Transformational stories to motivate and inspire others.  Ayanna can be found at https://thanxamills.com/


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